What is Mensa?

Mensa is for those who rejoice in the exercise of the mind. If you enjoy mental challenges and revel in the interplay of ideas, Mensa is an organization that will stretch your mind and expand your horizons.

Mensa is an international society that has one -- and only one -- unique qualification for membership: you must score in the top 2% of the population on a standardized IQ test.

Mensa does not hold any opinion or have, or express, any political or religious views.

Mensa in Georgia

Mensa in Georgia is a local group of American Mensa. Our local group's area includes most of North Georgia including Metropolitan Atlanta, Middle Georgia, and Southwestern Georgia.


Both American Mensa and Mensa in Georgia have SIGs which are started by members around their particular interests. The lists are varied as you can see for yourself by following the links below!

Local SIGS

National SIGS


Happy New Year from Mensa in Georgia! Hopefully everyone is ready for our annual New Year's Eve Party!

Have a Happy New Year with your Mensan friends, old and new, as we celebrate the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Food, soft drinks, beer, wine and champagne provided, but additional food or beverages are always welcome. Cats in residence. Smoking outside. Contact davemarkus@aol.com for more information.

First Friday for January will be held on January 5th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm at Elks Lodge 78, 1775 Montreal Rd, Tucker GA 30084. For additional information please contact

For more information download January_2018_First_Friday

Want to Join?

For information on taking the Mensa test, contact our local Proctor Coordinator, Bertie Clarke or take the Mensa Home Test in the privacy of your own home.