How You Can Qualifying for Mensa

1. You may already have a score which qualifies you for Mensa!

First check the list of qualifying scores on the American Mensa Web Site. If you have a qualifying score, create an account and submit your scores online to apply to Mensa.

2. Take the Mensa Admission Test

The low cost Mensa proctored admission test is offered the last Sunday of each month at 1:00 pm, and the culture fair test at 3.45 pm, at Elks Lodge 78, 1775 Montreal Rd, Tucker, GA 30084. Sometimes the test is offered at other locations in the State.

For more information on testing in Georgia, e-mail the proctor coordinator, Bertie Clarke.

3. Still Not Sure?

Before you take the plunge, try the Mensa Home Test, a self-administered pre-test, to test yourself in the privacy of your own home! Click here to order the Mensa Home Test online.

More Information

For a more information about qualifying for Mensa, go to:

American Mensa

American Mensa Join Page

Contact: American Mensa

American MENSA
1229 Corporate Drive West
Arlington, TX 76006-6103
(817) 607-0060